Physical Aspects and usefulness Factor of Mobile Web Technology

Look & Feel from the Mobile web like a technology:

Bear in mind two major guidelines:

a. Be sure that your organization’s logo and philosophy comes through.

b. The appear and feel should match the actual platform and really should be simple to understand. Shouldn’t be cluttered and should have sufficient layout and employ of white-colored space.

A few of the W3C recommendations include:

a. Consider separation from the content and presenting it with Cascading Style Sheets.

b. Use headings for each web site.

c. Reduce margins and padding.

d. Include images consistent with CSS sheets.

e. Concentrate on context and goals.

f. Don’t convert but create.

g. Use fluid design whenever we can.

h. Design single posts and multi posts.

Generally, if carrying out a common strategy: one version to become presented in most devices, then make sure that only generic elements are utilized. Certain elements like webkit are browser specific (mostly to Safari) and will not focus on other browsers.

However if developing for various browsers use browser recognition strategies to ensure another feel and look in various devices.

Usability Factor:

Usability of the mobile web application can’t be in contrast to native applications or desktop applications.

The consumer should feel in charge in addition to purposeful. An unmanageable feeling reduces the potency of the applying and stops the intended audience by using it. With no obvious symbol of the objective of the applying and just how it is going about achieving it rapidly, the effectiveness from the application diminishes.

A few of the W3C guidelines for usability of web applications include:

a. Concentrate on the behavior of selected interactive elements.

b. Set the dimensions and contrast from the links and text.

c. Should have Soft keys and navigation.

d. Label the forms and fields of all pages.

e. Ensure consistent and shallow navigation.

f. Set a preferred color contrast.

g. Optimize accordingly for startup time.

h. Reduce perceived latency.

i. Must the perception of multiple interaction methods: finger, stylus, arrow keys, on-screen cursor, and preserve focus.

j. Attempt to identify and take care of telephone figures differently, e. g. implement click to.

k. Use fragmented ID within the Document Object Module they are driving application view.

l. User paragraph text flows.

m. Follow mobile specific technologies to initiate web apps.

It is also suggested to make use of dynamic features (e. g. JavaScript and Ajax) whenever we can to boost the usability from the application. You’ll be able to access some device functions for example Gps navigation from browsers.

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