Computer Literacy – A Must in This Age

Is okay to be computer ignorant in this time and age? Well, you might say that you don’t really need to be computer literate because you are just a plain housewife serving your family and they don’t expect anything from you anyway. However, even if you are just the simplest housewife or you are the breadwinner of a household, being computer literate is a big advantage. You don’t need to be an IT expert though since this is really not required of you but for sure, learning the basics about computers will really be advantageous even if you don’t earn money from it.

You can learn from your home

You might say that even if you want to, there is really no way you can find time to be in a classroom setting just to learn how to use the computers in your home that you are just contented to be  used by your kids or husband alone. However, let me tell you that you don’t need to be in a classroom just to learn the basic skills in using computers. With the advent of the online world, you can do almost anything right in the convenience of your own home and that includes becoming a computer literate.

Avail of online computer training

That is right, there are now a number of sites that provide free online computer training. However, not all of them might be worth your precious time thus you should screen them properly. Though they might be free but still just the fact that you will be using your precious time, it still means money. Yes, time is money as they say thus, be cautious when picking the right provider of online computer training.

Learn about the provider

One of the aspects you should look for is the provider himself. He should be a computer expert for him to be able to effectively inject the importance of being a computer literate. He must have a good number of years in this industry as there are so many complex things to learn about some of the features in a typical computer. How can one be effective if he himself hardly knows about the topic he is talking about? Most of the providers have a kind of biography about the author. You should check this out as this is one of the information that will let you know if you are indeed in the right hands.

There are important things you should know about computers

By being a computer literate, you will know some of the important features in the computer that you might think not useful but after learning about them, you will realize they are useful after all. Like for example the Microsoft word, excel, how to fend your computer from the different viruses and still a lot more.

You can even become an expert

And when you finally chose the provider and you find his site useful, you can then sign up for the site’s complimentary newsletter. This way, you will always be updated if he has something new to offer. You might be surprised that even when you are just in your home, you can become as expert as your kids!

Author Bio:- V K Rajagopalan – is an IT expert and he has about 3 decades in this industry. For him, being a computer expert is the reason why he is in his position now. He urges everyone, like even those who are just at home to also learn at least the basics in computers.

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